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Your telephone is one of the most important business building tools in your business… but are you harnessing its full marketing potential?

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Mobile Sims, 0800, 0330, 0845, 0844 and locally based Marketing Numbers

Our research suggests that many businesses, and their staff, take their telephone for granted. Sometimes they even consider it a nuisance! Yet modern telecoms technology, such as mobile sims0800, 0844, 0845, 0330 and 020 VGN Marketing Numbers or Virtual Office Call Manager services, enable you to do so much more with your telephone.

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The fixed line office telephone was the most important communication tool in business – for say almost 50% of small businesses.

Times have changed, the smart phone has taken over, but are you getting the best from your mobile phone. Do you regularly find calls or costs that are not included on your bill. Want to change that? Then ring us on 08008830663  (free from your mobile, in the UK) and we’ll answer, if we’re busy please leave a message we will return your call. Learn why Linctel’s different.


Linctel Can Guide You

Let us be your guide to squeezing the maximum profit from this grossly underused business asset. What do YOU want to do today? Select your options below

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