0844 Numbers

0844 numbers are portable which means you will not have to change your published number again and it will give your company a national profile.

How many times have you had to change or anticipate changing your business telephone number due to moving, changing carriers or Oftel number changes? Now, thanks to 0844 numbers, you need never face this situation again!

Callers to your 0844 marketing number pay a set rate per minute (inclusive of vat) depending on their service provider.

IMPORTANT! From 1 July 2015 there are important changes to the way call costs to the caller are portrayed.

See http://www.ukcalling.info/for more information.

You will receive the calls at no charge.

If you ever change your location or a number change is forced upon you, your 0844 number can be redirected to your new landline number instantly. Your existing telephone services will remain unaffected. To your current and prospective customers, nothing has changed.


Now comes as standard with our

Virtual Office Option

Now you route your 0844 calls to any UK fixed line - or redirect them to staff or colleagues, all at no extra cost

Take your 0844 calls at the office, at home, at your club or anywhere you have access to a phone -
never miss another important call!

Caller announce - so you know who is calling your 0844 number

Route calls to up to 4 lines at any time and change routing numbers at will via a simple web interface

Separate call profiles for working hours, out of office hours and emergencies

Includes phone book as well as "Red & Green" callers lists - decide whose calls you take & whose you don't!

Call stats give you details of all calls to your 0844 number via your web control panel, including missed calls

Voicemail included as standard, messages are sent to your emailbox, together with the caller's number for you to return the call.

No equipment needed, it is all handled remotely

A complete business call centre for peanuts!

How much does an 0844 number cost?

Just a simple Annual Service Fee of only £49 + vat

FREE Connection

FREE Unlimited calls

FREE Virtual Office

NOTHING more to pay!

Or upgrade to Virtual Office Plus!

All the above plus:

Auto-attendant - route callers to different departments or individuals dependent on keypad selection

e.g. "Thank you for calling ........ please press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service or 3 for accounts"

Handle multiple 0844 numbers on one call centre account. e.g. use different 0844 numbers for different regions or different marketing campaigns

Set up multiple departments with multiple extensions - all with routing up to 10 numbers

Multiple voicemail boxes

Expand your business without expanding your premises - staff can work remotely but still take business calls wherever they are

Full administrator access to set up or change all caller options - individual extensions have their own routing controls to manage their own calls

Full Call Centre Management for the fraction of the cost of a physical setup

No hardware or software required - just your standard telephones and a web browser

All for just £149 + vat per year

You pay nothing to receive your calls. How's that for a bargain?

My 0844 Number - How does it work?

Your 0844 number will be directed to your Virtual Office from where you can route calls to any UK landline number of your choice without affecting your current installation or equipment.

Your 0844 number is capable of being transferred to a new terminating number instantly if your number has to change due to moving, changing carriers or Ofcom number changes, completely under your control.

Your existing telephone services will remain unaffected. To your current and prospective customers, nothing has changed.

If you have any questions please call 0800 883 0663 and ask for Barry.

To apply for your 0844 number and Virtual Office now click here and fill out the electronic application form